Dr Anna Symonds
Nottingham Clinical Child Psychologist


Dr Symonds’ Associates


About Dr Symonds’ Associates

Dr Anna Symonds works alongside a number of selected Clinical Psychologists who are specialists in a variety of issues, sometimes outside of Dr Symonds’ realm of expertise. These include:

Adult Mental Health, Older Adult, Dementia, Paediatrics, Neuropsychology

All of Dr Symonds’ Associates are registered Clinical Psychologists with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). They work alongside Dr Symonds in West Bridgford and their appointments are also held during convenient, flexible out of hours clinics. Their clinics are managed by Dr Symonds’ Clinic Director, Amy Brothwell-White and work under the same terms and conditions as Dr Symonds. Dr Symonds’ team of Associate Clinical Psychologists allows an extended accessible, prompt service at times when Dr Symonds may be holding a significant waiting list or a client’s needs are outside of her areas of specialism.

Our principles of practice within the Associate practice are based upon trust, confidentiality, excellent client service and individually tailored client care.