Dr Anna Symonds
Nottingham Clinical Child Psychologist


Support. Growth. Healing.


Dr Anna Symonds is a Clinical Psychology provider to young people and adults. She is registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and Chartered with the British Psychological Society. She qualified at the University of Leicester with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy) and has been working in private practice as well as NHS positions for over ten years working with children, young people, adults and medical professionals. She currently holds a permanent post at the University of Lincoln on the Clinical Psychology Doctorate training course (DClinPsy). She is a mother to two school aged children.

Dr Symonds offers therapy services to young people and their families who present with a range of emotional issues. Dr Symonds specialises in helping those with issues which they feel restrict them from being the person they genuinely are, or wish to be. Primarily, Dr Symonds specialises in working with those between 12 and 35 years old. Dr Symonds however, works with younger children and older adults. Please do contact us and we will consider you referral and whether it fits within Dr Symonds’ remit.

The aim of Dr Symonds is to work alongside clients to relieve psychological distress and emotional pain through the management and regulation of emotions, encouraging the enhancement of emotional development and growth, and empowering and motivating young people and adults to manage their own difficulties with specific psychological strategies. Where appropriate, Dr Symonds incorporates guidance to those supporting the client to assist them through these sometimes daunting difficulties and changes.

Work can include a focus on personal growth, life transformation and self – development guidance, empowering people to live their purpose whilst integratively addressing psychological issues such as anxiety, mood, lack of confidence when appropriate.

Dr Symonds holds regular clinics in Nottingham. Secure video sessions are also available for those unable to attend locally. Dr Symonds provides tailored presentations and training to schools and businesses relating to her specialties as described above.

No GP referral is required and appointments can be made directly with us via email or telephone.

Clients can self-fund and we also work in association with insurance companies including Bupa and PPP AXA, Social Services and private foster care and adoption agencies. Dr Symonds works in collaboration with local private Paediatricians and Psychiatrists when appropriate, providing holistic care.