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Dr Symonds Contract

Dr Anna L. Symonds Contract

This is a mutual agreement negotiated between Dr Symonds and the Client prior to the commencement of our 50 minute sessions. It articulates the responsibilities of Dr Symonds and Client in the context of the therapeutic relationship they are going to undertake together.


This is a key aspect of the relationship between both the Client and Dr Symonds . Everything discussed in the sessions is kept in the strictest confidence*. Dr Symonds has the responsibility and commitment to work under regular supervision. From time to time she may need to share and discuss some of the information in the sessions with a qualified supervisor, always under a strict confidential and professional framework. The client identity is always kept anonymous.

*Confidentiality can only be broken when there is evidence that the client may harm him/ herself or others. In this case Dr Symonds will most likely contact the appropriate services. The client will be informed in advance, and only in case of an imminent threat might Dr Symonds make this decision without consulting the client. Please inform Dr Symonds at the beginning of the sessions of any medical treatment you might be following due to emotional difficulties.


Sessions are 50 minutes long and frequency of appointment will be discussed with Dr Symonds.


Dr Symonds' sessions are £140 per session. Other assessments or reports are priced accordingly.

When will my session take place

Dr Symonds' Personal Assistant will be able to provide you with the availability of Dr Symonds and will aim to offer you the quickest appointment possible. As it is a private service, we do have busy periods and you may have to wait a little longer than expected, but we will do the best we can to offer you an appointment as soon as possible.

Payment options

Payment for your initial session is to be paid for on the same working day as booking your appointment. Sessions after your initial appointment are to be paid 72 hours prior to your next appointment payable via BACS. No card facilities or cheques.


When using insurance It can take from 4 - 6 weeks to set up with our checks and admin. You will be required to pay an Initial Assessment fee of £140 prior to your therapy sessions starting with your insurance policy. When your insurance policy is live, If you are unable to attend your session within the cancellation period your full session will still be claimed from your insurance under our terms and conditions. If you still require sessions with Dr Symonds and your sessions have come to an end with your insurance provider you may pay £140 per session to continue.  

Cancellations and Holidays

Cancellation of sessions with less than 48 hours notice will incur the full fee. Dr Symonds will always aim to give the client as much notice as possible of any holidays, training workshops, conferences or illness that might prevent her from being available at the time/day of the scheduled session. In such cases the Dr Symonds will always aim to offer an alternative arrangement. Sessions will not take place if the client is under the influence of any misuse of alcohol or substances.

Duration of CounsellinG

The duration of the therapeutic process will depend on the type of difficulty or problem the child is facing.

Data Protection

Due to the new Data Protection Act - GDPR taking effect as of the 25th May 2018 we are required to ask for your permission to share any of your information with external professionals who we feel need to know information about you and to gain additional support for you. This may be your GP, School or other professionals who we feel can help.

End of the Contract

Indications and signs that the therapeutic process is coming to an end: recovered inner balance, greater confidence in oneself, capacity to make decisions and face situations when previously feeling overwhelmed, being in touch with one's own resources and strength. The client may not have met all the goals at this point, though feels more confident to achieve them individually, and overall the individual's well being has increased. Sometimes the client may feel that therapy is not helping. In these circumstances it is best to discuss the difficulties rather than abruptly end their sessions. This could evoke a sudden-loss experience that would not have the opportunity to be understood and resolved. In such circumstances Dr Symonds' asks that the client give one week's notice before ending their sessions to have the chance to discuss the decision and to complete the process adequately. The client is always involved in the decision to continue or stop therapy and will not be under any pressure to continue at any point.

Contact outside the sessions

The phone number and email address provided are to be used exclusively for cancellations or to re-arrange your appointment. Please note that messages will be monitored regularly but not continuously. Therefore, in case of an emergency you are advised to call the appropriate emergency services, such as the hospital, dial for an ambulance and/or if appropriate contact your GP. Dr Symonds' personal assistant will endeavour to reply to all messages as soon as possible.


This contract is between
Dr Anna L. Symonds your Psychologist
Child's full name:
The sessions will be held: The Bay Therapy Centre 21 Trent Boulevard West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 5BB
The fee per session will be £140

Please make payable to

Payments are to be made to account NATWEST  Sort Code 60-07-41   Account Number 45873321

Please read this contract carefully. By proceeding in making an appointment you are accepting the above terms and conditions as well as the data protection statement.

Please note all information is treated in the strictest professional confidence.

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